Have You Ever Thought, What If?​

What If it Actually Works?
What If I Could Have Good Health?
What If I Could Feel Good Again?
What If I Could Gain Energy?
What If I Could Actually Sleep?

Increase General Health & May Bring Relief to:

pain/discomfort, decreasing inflammation, gain strength, increase focus, difficulty sleeping, improve mood, improve digestion issues,  joint flexibility, may help skin issues,  improve relaxation, support a healthy heart,  headaches,  and many other issues you may experience.

Our products are to help your General Health & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary

All the Benefits with Zero or No THC

Hemppath Hemp Oil is made from Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is NOT Addictive and has Zero or No THC so you do not and can not get a high!!

100% Canadian Superfood with No THC

Hemppath Hemp Oil is The Super Food that is 100% Canadian & you won’t want to be without it. We believe It’s all about the Terpenes. That’s what makes the difference in our product. Our Hemp Oil is also 100% Natural, with no known side effects. It has been known to help people Increase their General Health & Wellness while being Preservative, Pesticide & Herbicide Free

Terpenes are the MAGIC in the hemp oil!! If you’re using a different hemp oil product, ask your company how many & what Terpenes are in there bottle of oil?? If they cannot produce a certificate than it may not be as powerful or effective as ours. Even a high MG full spectrum hemp oil does not give the results from an oil with the right mix of Terpenes. It is not about the strength but about the amount of Cannibidol & Terpenes in the bottle. Terpenes are the most important part. We’ve spent many hours researching hemp oil to determine the perfect mix that produces the best results. We believe Terpenes “fix things” in our body. The hemp oil opens the doorway in our body to let the Terpenes be carried through the blood. This brings natural benefits that include bringing relief to pain, anti-anxiety, Inflammation & many more things.  The FDA and other agencies have recognized Terpenes as safe!!  Plus how could they not? They would have to outlaw tomatoes, cinnamon, etc if Terpenes weren’t legal.

Order today and start down the Hemp Path to greater wellness!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Hemppath or the Manufacturer assumes NO responsibility for the improper use of and self-diagnosis and/or treatment using these products. Our products should not be confused with prescription medicine and they should not be used as a substitute for medically supervised therapy. If you suspect you suffer from clinical deficiencies, consult a licensed, qualified medical doctor. We do not make any health claims about our products at Hemppath. Before taking our products, it’s wise to check with your physician or medical doctor. None of the information is intended to be an enticement to purchase and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. The use of any of our products for any reason, other than to increase general health & wellness, is neither, implied nor advocated by the Manufacturer or Hemppath