About Hemp

About Hemp

Hemppath Hemp Oil is made from Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is NOT Addictive and has Zero or No THC so you do not and can not get a high!!

Hemp Versus Cannabis: 

The term “Cannabis” is often used to collectively to refer to the psychoactive drug preparation that alters cognition. The colloquial term Cannabis came from the scientific name, Cannabis Sativa, of the plant.

In essence, “Hemp” is Cannabis Sativa. But when you don’t call “hemp” a “Cannabis!” Hemp is a food grade and industrial grade strain of the plant that does not give psychoactive stimulation.

To cut it short, cannabis is an illegal drug (medicinal grade cannabis is legal in some states and countries), while hemp is the good legal stuff meant to be consumed as food and for other industrial purposes.

Cannabis Sativa L. is the scientific name for hemp. It is from the same family as sunflowers. Hemp is a strong & fast growing versatile plant. The history of human cultivation of hemp goes back at least 10,000 years & used by man for thousands of uses. It’s the single Greatest plant resource for human health & well-being –– food, clothing, shelter & medicine. Hemp plants are naturally found on all continents. There are hundreds of different hemp varieties worldwide & different breeds have been developed depending on the end use.

Many factors have helped contribute to the recent rapid increase in hemp use & production. More & more consumers have come to appreciate the nutritional & health benefits of hemp. It is a crop that requires little & usually, NO chemical fertilizers, No fungicides, No herbicides and No pesticides. Most often classed as organic. Canada is the World Leader in hemp food products. Hemp is also classed as a hemp functional food/nutraceutical.

Hemp is classed as “SUPER FOOD” because it’s such a great source of Nutrition. As a food, it is one of the most essential nutrient dense and balanced foods available & provides an excellent easily digestible source of protein and balanced good fats for human health.