About Hemppath

About Hemppath

For 38 years my husband and I owned & operated a Dairy operation near Molesworth, Ontario with our 4 children. This was a great life, but tough at times with long hours. We relocated to our new farm near Owen Sound in 2015 as we needed to grow and expand for our family’s next generation to take part in the family farm.

How Hemppath started
In the past, I have always been open minded and willing to research things, etc. In the end I would try things to see if they would help with any of my ongoing health issues. Usually it ended up not helping, but at least I gave it a try! In November, 2017 I tried a Full Spectrum hemp oil product. To my astonishment it worked and I was able to get off of all my prescription medication. I feel blessed for being originally introduced to Full Spectrum Hemp Oil drops called the Super Food with the Terpenes added. After getting my life back, Hemp Oil continues to help me maintain a great life, and I am enjoying every second of it! What’s even better – It’s helping so many of my friends and family with their pain, anxiety, memory, and so much more. Even my Pets have been benefiting from it

began researching the product and found that the real secret was the Terpenes. Hemp Oil that contains the right all natural Terpenes provides many more benefits than full spectrum hemp oil and does it with even less drops per day! After my success with Hemp oil, friends began asking if I could sell them some Hemp Oil. It was at this point I realized I may be able to help many people beyond my circle of friends.

Hemppath Today
At “hemppath.ca”  we sell only a high quality product that is 100% CANADIAN and contains a perfect balance of Terpenes. I am now using even less drops than I did with the “other brands” I initially used and feeling great! I’ve found the amount of milligrams of full spectrum hemp oil means nothing. We believe the other ingredients in our product is what helps our product bring the relief you need. Our product contains both Whole Hearted Hemp & Terpenes giving us a product that works together to do even more than a Full Spectrum product.  I am amazed at how these Terpenes really make a difference in Hemppath Hemp oil.

Hearing how I have been helping other people get their lives back is fantastic, overwhelming & brings me tears of joy…. If I can help someone have a better life, that is all that truly matters in the end.

Hemppath is changing lives every day with our 100% Canadian All Natural Hemp Oil!

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