How to Take Drops

How to take Drops

Instructions for taking Hemppath Hemp Oil
Start by using ¼ dropper  morning & night. Increase slowly,  if you feel you need more. It’s best to place the drops under your tongue to absorb it into your system faster.  Works well to take a glass of warm water after a few minutes in the morning.  You can also take it by placing the drops in your belly button. This will also absorb it into your system (this can work well with children).
LISTEN to your body & you will know how many drops work for you. Depending on your condition, there is no set dosage. Everyone is different.  Some people may use up to half or full dropper a day.

For Pets: 
Hemppath has also been shown to be very effective with pets. 
Drop ¼ dropper  on their food or in mouth once a day.  It will depend on the size of the animal as well as to how many drops.  Larger dogs may require more. 

Full spectrum Hemp Oil is best stored in a dark, cool place or at moderate room temperature. DO NOT store in a hot room or in direct sunlight. Hemp Oil is sensitive to light and air so the bottle should be well tightened after use. This oil is suitable for daily use, so it is easiest to use if placed in an easily accessible place.


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