Mega Power Boost 6 Drivers. What is Sonicated/Nano Emulsified?

 What is Sonication/Nano Emulsified?  What the 6 Drivers may help with.

Best Yet this product is Sonicated/Nano Emulsified.💫 To understand what this does I will do a brief explanation. The Nano Emulsified format improves bio availability with higher & faster absorption rates. It achieves plasma levels more than 5 times that of other oral liquids. The Nano Emulsified particles enable delivery of biologically active substances directly to circulation as well as improved cellular deliver.


* clean gastrointestinal tract

* relieve digestive, issues

* relieve nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness

* eases pain

* aid in fighting cancer

BlackSeed Oil

* balance cholesterol

* anti-bacterial

* reduce inflammation

* improve cognitive performance

* support liver & health function

* improve skin, eye & hair health

* improve immune system


* anti Inflammatory

* antioxidant

* boost brain-derived Neurotrophic factor

* help prevent cancer

* help relieve pain

* help with depression

* help regulate blood pressure, blood clotting

* help delay aging


* Anti Inflammatory

* Antioxidant

* lower risk of cancer

* fight infections & viruses

* protect dental health & freshen breathe

* antibiotic & antimicrobial effects for skin health

* may lower cholesterol & high blood pressure

* may lower blood sugar levels

* may defend brain against developing neurological disorders

* help prevent Candida (Candida albicans which is the yeast that causes Candida overgrowth leading to multiple digestive & autoimmune symptoms)

 Ginkgo Biloba Oil

* Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, fatique

* Also for Anxiety & Depression

Astragalus & Ginseng Oil

* for chronic kidney issues/disease

* boost energy, reduce stress, lower blood sugar & cholesterol levels

* manage sexual dysfunction in man

* may work as a blood thinner

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