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Hemppath’s New Line

This has been an exciting time for Hemppath. I have brought in a NEW line of “High Quality” CBD Hemp Products that are Canadian Made. This manufacturer understand that in this industry reliability is what differentiates the best from the good. Their goal is to strive to be the Best.

With this Hemppath promise’s YOU the BEST Products at the BEST Price. Plus it is all in CAD$$. This line consist of Full Spectrum Oil’s from 1000mg to 5000mg in Natural or Peppermint flavor. The carrier is hemp oil NOT MTC oil. Processed by CO2 extraction.

For People that need a stronger oil I have a  CBD TERPENE OIL-OG KUSH

Terpenes are fundamental building blocks of nature. Every living thing produces Terpenes to perform diverse biological functions. By infusing the all-natural CBD with Terpenes also found in the hemp plant, you take advantage of the “Entourage Effect”, creating synergy between plant and human.

The OG Kush formula includes the Terpenes found in the OG Kush strain of cannabis.

Strengths: 300mg or 500mg.

300mg with the OG Kush Terpenes is similar to taking a 2000mg Full Spectrum oil but only with a bigger “KICK” to it.

500mg with the OG Kush Terpenes is similar to taking a 4000mg Full Spectrum oil but only with a bigger “KICK” to it.

OG Kush terpenes may help to work better for stress, anxiety, pain, depression & sleep issues than just an ordinary full spectrum oil.  Some people may find they will use less of this to get results.

CBD Oil, Capsules No THC

Hemp oil product, zero THC.
Capsules are great for people who do not like to take the drops. Hemppath CBD Softgel Capsuls are great for people that do not like taking the drops. Plus they are THC FREE High Quality CBD

Also in Zero THC is a CBD PM – CBD Oil With Melatonin oil with the carrier oil of MTC oil. Do you  count sheep to get to sleep??  Toss & turning often. This proprietary CBD PM blend is the perfect nighttime companion for you!! 

CBD Edibles

This is a fun way to consume High Quality CBD made from Organic hemp. Hemppath gummies are the edible treats that let you snack with a purpose. These edibles will Benefit you with the high quality CBD that is used in each product. Hemppath delicious edibles are sure to get your day started with positive and energetic mood. Gummies available in strength’s from 30mg, 60mg, 100mg per Gummy. Available in CBD Gummy/Sugar-Free CBD Gummy , Sleep-Eze Gummy/Sugar-Free Sleep-Eze Gummy , & Energy Gummy. All made of good quality ingredients with no preservatives. THC Free.

Also available is a CBD HEMP FRUIT TEA. Do you love a great tasting tea that my help to release the stress while you relax?  Then this may be for you!  Soothe the senses with our handcrafted CBD Hemp Infused Tea. Made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients, our tea blend is delicious & legal alternative to cannabis tea.

ALL Product Prices INCLUDE everything in it EXCEPT Shipping Cost.  Canada Only, shipping is $13.99 flat rate &  Free at $150+. 

Place Order on the Website ( or over the phone by calling 519-501-0674(c) or 519-934-3676(b)

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