Muscle Mist Topical Spray 100ml (3.3oz) All taxes in price

Muscle Mist Topical Spray 100ml (3.3oz) All taxes in price


Muscle Mist is a herbal spray with many uses:

(Taxes included in Price)

– Arthritis,
– Fibromyalgia,
– Headache,
– Muscle Pain and much more…

Works to help bring relief to pain, etc along with the hemp oil.  The Hemppath Hemp  oil works internally to help improve our health and wellness.  You have to work on your inside as well as the outside.

Both go together like “Twins”


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Muscle Mist is a great product that works to help bring relief to pain, etc.  You won’t want to be without it!!


Pain issues:  Hold back about 6″ or more & spray directly on the areas so it goes on like a mist.   Helps reduce inflammation issues or restricted blood flow due to inflammation can help to restore it thus helps to loosen tight sore muscles.

Sinus issues:  Spray a bit on wrist & smell from about 4 inches away.  Helps clear nasal & lasts for a few hours.  Just smell as needed.  At night if you have issues or wake up  stuffed up put one spray on your pillow at bedtime.

Bronchial problem, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia:  Put one spray on your chest to help reduce inflammation & help with breathing.

Headaches:  DO NOT SPRAY on your face.  PUT a little on 1 finger & pat it onto the same finger of your other hand.  Then gently massage it into your temples & put one line across your forehead.  Also spray the back on your neck.

Jaw or Dental Problems: DO NOT SPRAY on your face.  Spray on a finger and rub directly on the painful area on your face

Medicinal Ingredients:

Menthol 60mg/ml, Clove Oil 2.5 mg/ml
Non Medicinal Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Purified Water, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor, Peppermint Spirits, Jojoba Oil


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