These Drops Have Changed My Life!!

August 5, 2018 Liz Van Loo 0 Comments

For 20 years now I have relied on prescription medicine to help control my acid reflux.  Knowing the side effects from prescription medicines or over the counter drugs I wanted to really find a natural way of controlling my Acid Reflux.  Different times I tried things with no success.  I went into this Whole Hearted  hemp oil with full spectrum steam distilled Terpenes very skeptical.  After 3 days and not having to take a pill I was still not convinced.  Two weeks went by and than I decided to give it a real test.  I ate chocolate, spaghetti sauce, onions, things I new bothered it.  I was amazed when I still did not have to resort to a pill.  NOW it has been 8 months & I still have not had to use any prescription medication and my acid reflux has not given me any issues.  This has also helped me out with my IBS & also with taking away my pain.   The NEW Power Boost one is even more amazing with more ingredients for helping with your digestion, inflammation, pain, etc.  Check out the 6 new  Ingredients in the Power Boost & also the top 14 Terpenes in both products under “Learn More” on this website.  With no known side effects it can help improve your General Health plus this product is 100% Canadian!!

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