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October 23, 2018 Liz Van Loo 2 Comments

Hemppath  has very competitive wholesale pricing  for Businesses. Contact us directly for quotes on large quantities of any one of our amazing products.

These products are 100% Canadian and of high quality.  Made with active, critically extracted Hemp oil infused with 60 Full Spectrum Steam Distilled Hemp Terpenes and some have added Drivers.  Drivers allow the active extracted hemp oil & terpenes to go through the body more effectively.  Or as you may say absorb more quickly.  Also zero THC or <0.0001 THC so does not show up on lab test.  Safe for everyone plus safe for your pets as well.

Best Yet most of these  products are now Sonicated or  Nano Emulsified.💫  The Nano Emulsified format improves bio availability with higher & faster absorption rates. It achieves plasma levels more than 5 times that of other oral liquids. The Nano Emulsified particles enable delivery of biologically active substances directly to circulation as well as improved cellular deliver.  

They are showing amazing results and there are 2 new ones coming out shortly.

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  1. I am interested in your products wholesale. I am a holistic health nurse and also sell natural holisitic products. One question I have is how much cbd are in your products, as I will be asked that also. my website is oceansideholistics.com located on vancouver island, bc. Thank you Lou Walkden RN

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